Light Meter


Sekonic DigitalMaster L-758DR Light Meter

Reflected Light Spot Metering
The Sekonic L-758dr incorporates a precise 1-degree, reflected light spot meter.
Reflected light metering tells you about the subject. Different from incident light metering that produces readings only for the middle of your camera’s exposure range, reflected light metering can also show you where the edges are. The key to working with the L-758dr’s spot meter is knowing the dynamic range of your camera. That is, the tonal range your camera is capable of recording. Program this into the L-758dr and you can easily know which details will be properly imaged and which will be over or under the range of your camera. Armed with this knowledge, you can make exposure decisions that take full advantage of your camera’s imaging capabilities to produce pictures with greater tonality and clarity than you have ever known before.

Digital Photography: Boundless Possibilities
Today’s High Dynamic Range (HDR) processing enables breaking through the limits to produce results never seen before.
Knowing your camera’s capabilities and precise exposure readings with the L-758dr will help you make right exposure settings and save you time in processing. The picture of this Mexican plaza and church was created shooting multiple images and “merging” them in HDR processing.



Sekonic Litemaster Pro L-478DR Light Meter

Sekonic’s new LITEMASTER PRO L-478DR meter is the world’s first touch-screen-operated light meter. It has an array of unique, must-have features for both still and motion story tellers. Its compact size is both instantly familiar and comfortable to use. The large LCD (2.7″) displays ambient, flash, cine and a host of other information in a clear and understandable way. Settings are made by simply touching or sliding a finger over the screen.

The L-478DR can be quickly calibrated to your camera using Sekonic’s Data Transfer software and either Sekonic or X-Rite Brand targets or by manually inputting data to the DTS program or on the meter itself.

Keeping pace with wireless advancements, the L-478DR comes complete with exclusive PocketWizard® ControlTL® technology which combines light measurement and flash power control providing amazing control in your hand.